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Joe Zawinul: “The moment inspiration starts, rational thinking stops.”

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“She gives the impression today of the finished artist whose seams no longer show, whose approach is stable but exciting, and whose mind is in balance with the heart.” (from liner notes to “Ella and Louis” album)

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Paul Gonsalves:  “The importance of art is the way it affects practical things. We don’t have the money to buy a Picasso, but his work can affect the lines of, say, a lamp. Lines are derived from those paintings and you can see beauty in things now that you couldn’t ten years ago.”

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John Kirby: “I believe that jazz, to be good, should be restrained and organized… For that reason I don’t believe in out and out jamming… if a band these days ever expects to gain any recognition, it must be on something more than its ability to ‘get off.’ With that idea as my basic thought, the boys and I realize that the only way we can gain distinction apart from our ability to improvise, is to develop a distinguishing ensemble style, and to prove by arrangements and our ability to execute them that the band is musicianly and versatile.”

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Harry “Sweets” Edison: “They used to say they’d rather be the world’s worse originator than the world’s greatest imitator”

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Count Basie: “I do dig something that’s sort of in a mood where you can kind of halfway pat your foot if possible, and I think it’s easy to listen to, too, really. And I sort of like to simplify things, which is the only way that I can do it. But even if I really could play a lot of piano, I would try to simplify it for myself, because this is the type of thing that I like.”

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Ben Webster: “I like the pretty things. I think they say more, and the important thing is being able to feel them.”

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