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Philip Glass: “I’m working with an individual way of hearing music.”

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Stravinsky: “The soul of each individual who listens to my music is important to me, not the mass feeling of a group. Music cannot be helped by means of an increase of the quantity of listeners, be this increase effected by the film or any other medium. It can be helped only through an increase in the quality of listening, the quality of the individual soul…”

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Stravinsky: “It is the individual that matters, never the mass… When Disney used Le Sacre du Printemps for Fantasia, he told me: ‘Think of the numbers of people who will now be able to hear your music.’ Well, the numbers of people who consume music (…) is of no interest to me. The mass adds nothing to art. It cannot raise the level, and the artist who aims consciously at mass-appeal can do so only by lowering his own level.”

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